A Hidden Secret of the Search Business

What You Didn't Know About Executive Search

A hidden secret of the search business that has been true for years is that approximately 45% of executive placements fail in the first 18 months. They fail either because the candidate was not who the client thought they were or because the candidate discovers the client is not the right fit for them.

On average, the cost of this failure rate is at least 2X the total cash compensation of the executive. Despite this sobering statistic, most search providers have not altered their processes to reduce the error rate – in fact, many rely on it persisting.

If you are interested in avoiding this cost, shortening your hiring cycle and increasing your business’ performance by having the right people in the right jobs with the right training, we would love to partner with you. Our approach is fundamentally different in that we invest our time in the development of a targeted search profile – understanding the desired job outcomes and measures of success.

Through our proprietary profile questionnaire, we build a candidate profile that becomes the guideline for us in presenting only qualified candidates and makes sure that the opportunity is accurately represented to prospective candidates. Next, we apply our assessment methodology – 4 to 6-hour in-depth career history interview, psychometric profiles, and in-depth reference checks to ensure that each candidate is accurately qualified and presented.

We know that we are only as good as our last placement – so we’re very serious about getting it right. We guarantee our placements, we stand behind our process and we’d welcome the opportunity to help you ensure your recruitment dollars are providing you the greatest possible return.

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