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Kinsley Sarn’s executive retained search methodology is based on adding real value for our clients, enabling us to guarantee results and client satisfaction. Fundamentally, we view our role as that of a trusted extension of our clients and we partner with them to challenge and validate internal biases and perspectives.  We understand the importance of “quality of fit” (character and competencies) but also exploring candidates with different perspectives and experiences. In addition, “time to fill”, a critical success factor in search, is minimized by eliminating the hierarchy of traditional retained search firms, fine-tuning the targeting, the sourcing, and the vetting of qualified candidates, and by providing a far more robust assessment process to present only best-fit candidates.  We are always asking, listening and exploring new opportunities to ensure the “perfect fit” is achieved through our executive search process. We have a proven track record of success across a broad spectrum of positions and industries and are differentiated in a number of important ways:

Reasons Why Our Executive Hiring Process Works 

  • Only our senior partners conduct the entire search, not junior associates.
  • We utilize proprietary tools to assess the fit and qualifications of all potential candidates prior to client review, saving our clients time and money.
  • We include assimilation, assessment, and integration support to help the successful candidate make a quick and successful transition to their new role, organization, and culture.
  • We guarantee our placements for a period of 12 months.

Our clients tell us these points of differentiation separate us from our competition. They are services focused on delivering results and value to our clients, and they provide a benchmark against which all executive search providers should be evaluated.

Discrete Search

A boutique retained search firm, Kinsley Sarn is a discreet partner whose success is dependent on our ability to credibly, and if need be confidential, represent our clients and candidates while applying the highest professional standards throughout the executive recruitment process. In engagements where discretion is vital, be it the client’s identity, the candidate’s identity or any other search-related information, it is all handled with the utmost discretion until such time that we are authorized to release the confidential information. Unlike contingent recruiters, we have a strong track record of reaching “passive candidates” because of our ability to be discreet, professional and conduct directed dialogue regarding an actual opportunity aligned with their career objectives that we are exclusively representing.


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