Success Stories

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President and General Manager

One definition of INSANITY: “Continuing to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. With the industry’s average time to complete an executive search now exceeding six (6) months and with more than 45% of the industry’s executive placements failing in their new roles within two years, Kinsley|Sarn is delivering far better results for their clients at a lower cost by offering a fundamentally different approach.

Kinsley|Sarn leverages deep experience in executive assessment and assimilation to change the game. By preparing a thorough search profile, quickly identifying potential candidates and then assessing candidates for the best fit through in-depth behavioral and career performance interviews, the use of validated psychometric profiles, multiple reference verifications and background checks, Kinsley|Sarn only presents highly qualified candidates. This virtually eliminates the time wasted by clients in scheduling and interviewing candidates who may be “qualified” but are a poor “fit”. They add real value for their clients by getting it right the first time and then supporting the successful candidate with transition services to ensure they make a quick and effective move to their new role.

Clients have found that Kinsley|Sarn’s core competence in talent assessment and transition support adds real value and clearly differentiates them from other search providers. Dell Financial Services’ (DFS) recent experience is just one example.

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Global Sourcing Leader

One of the longstanding misperceptions of the search industry is that you must engage an “industry expert” to conduct your executive search because they have the network and robust database to quickly source the desired talent. The problem with databases and networks is that unless you invest significant amounts of time and resources, they become outdated very quickly. The growth of electronic information (websites, professional organizations, social media, etc.) enables all firms to identify and source both active and passive candidates (those not currently looking for a new job).

At Kinsley|Sarn, we believe that our value add is our ability to assess fit versus client-specific critical requirements. The fact is 45% of placements fail within 18 months. This is because either the fit was wrong and/or the candidate misunderstood the client’s needs, expectations and/or culture; or the candidate was not what the client thought they were – either way it is a very expensive mistake.

Todd Imhoff, Alcoa’s Vice President of Global Commodity Management, was charged with identifying innovative ways to drive down the cost of aluminum production. A major production ingredient was green coke. Todd determined that bringing on-board a specialist with intimate market knowledge and commercial contacts in green coke would provide significant advantages and savings. The challenge was how to identify people with this specialized knowledge since green coke was a by-product of the conversion of crude oil into liquid fuels.

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Chief Financial Officer

On the recommendation of Bob Truitt, CEO of Ash Access and good friend of Gary Lehman, CEO of Fairfield Manufacturing, Fairfield retained Kinsley|Sarn to lead their search for a Chief Financial Officer. Truitt is a client of Kinsley|Sarn and is a strong advocate of the firm’s capabilities. Gary wanted a strong finance leader who could “partner” with him in building strong relationships with their key external stakeholders and employees. Fairfield had recently completed a search with a large national brand-name firm for another executive position, Lehman wanted a search partner who had the willingness and capability to fully understand Fairfield’s needs and who could move quickly to find highly qualified candidates.

For Gary, finding the “perfect fit” for this role was critical. He was impressed by the Kinsley|Sarn’s “holistic approach” and recognized the value their assessment skills added to the process. “Many firms just want to do the search,” Lehman explained. “Kinsley|Sarn wasn’t just selling the search, but rather the ability to help with our people capability improvements. Lehman said they always treated us as “a much higher priority…due to their strong focus on the client and the size of their firm.”

Conducting a search for both passive (those not actively seeking a new position) and active candidates, Kinsley|Sarn identified and presented four (4) candidates within six (6) weeks of launching the search – each of whom had undergone their extensive assessment process. Investing an average of 4.5 hours assessing each candidate, one stood out above the rest – Gary and his team concurred.