Sharriff Dyer

Executive Recruiter

Sharriff brings over 5 years of Sales, Marketing, and Recruitment experience to the table. He has specialized knowledge in many different industries, including Real Estate, AdTech, FinTech, and more. Over the past few year's he's focused on creating valuable content focused on helping others land Sales and Tech roles; with a Social media following at close to 100k.  His Interview tips stem from a Sales approach of in-depth company research and qualifying questions, networking and connecting on LinkedIn and other channels with your prospective new team members, and of course; an effective close to the interview by setting up next steps and following up with a thank you email.

Joining Kinsley Sarn as an Executive recruiter served to be the perfect match based on both SDR, and Account Executive experience, but also virtual hiring and recruiting via Social Media. Sharriff's long term goals are to be a Leader in helping others land their Dream role, and also using AI and cutting edge technology to implement into their daily activities to be more efficient.

Sharriff Grew up in Canton Michigan, a small town located halfway  between Ann Arbor and Detroit Michigan. He was an All-State Track Athlete with multiple records and a very competive drive. He attended college at the University of Michigan Dearborn and then went on to sell $2 Million in gross Real Estate Volume his first year out of college.

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