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Growing today’s employees into tomorrow’s leaders.
In addition to executive search and executive outplacement, Kinsley Sarn also provides executive assessment services. This form of validated, fact-based analysis is essential for talent selection, succession planning, and placement and promotion decisions. When appropriate, our assessments can be used to supplement in-house recruitment processes. 
Over the years, we have been accountable for making thousands of successful selection, executive placement, and promotional decisions.

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Why Choose Executive Assessment?



As experienced senior executives ourselves, we are well-versed in identifying employees who show high-performance levels in addition to high growth potential.



Through a detailed and analytical succession planning process, we provide a more robust assessment of a candidate’s competencies and skills, along with their readiness for promotion.

Promotion and


Our team firmly believes in the power of growing today’s employees into tomorrow’s leaders. We establish a clear path for the development of your top employees, thus increasing the retention of top talent.

Your Questions, Answered.

Is this person an effective leader?

Based on character, work ethic, communication skills and past performance, we can identify top talent ready to lead and create change in your organization.

Do they have strategic orientation?

During the interview, we assess the candidate's thinking process, learning agility and career history to understand their past and potential forward.

Can they deliver the desired results?

Your organization needs a leader who can drive growth for the organization. We identify those individuals who consistently generate the right results in each assignment.

The answers to these questions and ones like them will help to minimize the risk of costly recruitment, selection, placement, and promotion errors.

Our Process

As experienced senior executives ourselves, we understand what is at stake. To provide the most detailed and balanced information on which to base a decision, the tools and techniques we leverage include:

Qualitative 360 degree feedback
Psychometric profiles
Competency assessment
In-depth career and performance history evaluation interviews

Steps to Identifying & Developing High-Potential Employees

The development of future leaders within your organization is vital to the success of your company.

Time and time again, we see businesses struggle to retain critical talent simply because they did not invest the time and effort into identifying and developing their high-potential employees. Download our free white paper to learn what makes an employee high-potential, and how to identify, develop, and retain these future leaders.

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