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At Kinsley Sarn, we are proud to provide custom-designed, personalized career transition services that not only meet the executive’s specific needs, but also satisfy the requirements of our client. Our Executives in Transition (EIT) provides a fresh, and highly successful, approach to employee outplacement that aids the candidate in a more seamless transition into a new company.

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What is Executives in Transition?

Executives in Transition is a proven process that helps accelerate a newly unemployed executive’s return to gainful employment.
Kinsley Sarn’s EIT program works to meet the specific needs of senior executives who may have never experienced unemployment before, and who are likely unsure how to navigate the challenges of the job market. With each executive outplacement, we work through a proven seven-step strategic process that is focused on helping each executive find the right fit while also preparing them to handle their new role with great success.

Our Process

Executive outplacement should never feel impersonal. Our custom-tailored approach allows us to accommodate the individual needs of every executive at every step of the process.


Framing The Assignment


Before we begin any assessments, we first meet with the client to clarify the specific needs including specific assessment criteria, reporting and feedback protocols, establishing the assessment timetable, and agreeing upon confidentiality agreements. Once the client requirements are established, we will then meet with the executive to clarify their specific needs, as well as the ground rules, timetables, roles, and responsibilities.


Executive Evaluation and Assessment


Next, we conduct a complete assessment consisting of four distinct components. The first is an evaluation of the emotional, psychological, and economic impacts of the transition on the executive, as well as on their family, friends, and others. The second is an in-depth Interview that explores the candidate’s work history, education, and training, career plans and aspirations, outside interests, and self-evaluation. We also delve deeply into the executive’s professional experience in different company cultures, as well as their professional satisfaction and dissatisfaction factors.

Next, we complete a predictive profile using a fully validated predictive diagnostic instrument. Lastly, the 360° feedback interviews are held with up to 15 of the candidate’s references and/or respondents. These interviews will include the candidate’s former direct manager(s), peers, direct reports, and other professional and social contacts.


Conducting Feedback


After the four assessments are conducted, we meet with the executive to review the results. This includes a detailed executive summary with our recommendations and conclusions, a Strengths & Development Needs summary based on the results from the 360° feedback interviews, their Predictive Profile results with detailed interpretation support, along with development and career transition priorities.


Post-assessment Coaching and Career Counseling


After discussing the results, we begin coaching and counseling the executive using the key takeaways from the assessments. Our goal during this part of the process is to maximize the executive’s marketability, self-promotion, and presentation skills.

We will work individually with the executive to identify their differential advantages and challenges and develop a career action plan clarifying career interests, goals and alternatives. To achieve this, we first create a list of specially targeted organizations they would like to apply to, then build and leverage their career contact network to start applying.


Job Interviews - Preparation and Presentation


Before any interviews are scheduled, we go over the essentials of how to best prepare for a job interview, providing the executive with an understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication. We then review an extensive list of potential interview questions and answers to conduct mock interviews designed to strengthen interviewing skills to optimize job offers.


Resume Preparation


As we prepare the executive to apply for new positions, we discuss and review appropriate styles for resumes and executive summaries. We then assist in developing a strategically results-driven resume, along with referral sources including websites, directories, and executive search firms.

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Follow-up and Refinement


The last step of our process is to provide feedback and adjustments following interviews or other meetings. We provide this support until the job search has been successfully completed. Once that occurs, we provide additional transition services, designed to assist the executive as they prepare to effectively assimilate to their new employer.

The Kinsley Sarn Approach to Executive Outplacement

Every outplacement program is customized to best meet the needs of each individual executive. All meetings are held in a one-on-one, confidential setting.

The executive’s needs are fully assessed through a proven process of in-depth interviews, validated psychometric profiling, and 360-degree feedback. Executives are coached to overcome the often debilitating feelings of anger, denial, despair, and resentment.

Strategic counseling helps executives regain their self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as provides them with the skills and tools they need to return to gainful employment.

Finally, a custom-designed and detailed job search strategy is developed. All executives receive continual support to ensure a smooth transition until their job search has been successfully concluded.

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