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Our core competence is assessing talent, and it is the common thread that runs through our retained search, executive assessment, and executive outplacement services.

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Why Our Retained Search Works

Prior to client review, we utilize proprietary tools to assess the fit and qualifications of all potential candidates against the customized opportunity profile, saving our clients time and money.

Unlike other firms, our entire process is conducted by senior partners with years of corporate experience across a variety of industries. In addition, each placement includes assimilation and transition support along with a 12 month guarantee. As our partner, your success is our success.

Don’t Stop At “Hired”! Transition Services Are Critical For Candidate Success

Are your executive hires performing how you hoped they would?

In this white paper, we analyze the effectiveness of the typical "on-boarding" program. Many companies still operate through the "Sink or Swim" mentality, or use a "Basic Orientation" program to familiarize the executive with their company. 

However, time and time again, these approaches prove to be less than effective at assimilating an executive into their new role. Download our white paper to discover why executive transition services are critical for candidate success.

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Executive Assessment

Growing today’s employees into tomorrow’s leaders.

In addition to retained search and executive outplacement, Kinsley Sarn also provides executive assessment services with validated, fact-based analysis that is vital for talent selection and succession planning, as well as placement or promotion decisions. When appropriate, our assessments can be used to supplement in-house recruitment processes. 

Our team firmly believes in the power of growing today’s employees into tomorrow’s leaders. We are well-versed in identifying employees who show high performance levels in addition to high growth potential. Mentoring, special projects, practice, continued education, reflection, and opportunities for growth all contribute to professional development, and are all part of our executive assessment process. As experienced senior executives ourselves, we have been accountable for making thousands of successful selection, executive placement, and promotional decisions. 

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The Benefits of Executive Assessment

We will provide data-based answers to key questions including:

Is this person an effective leader? Do they have strategic orientation? Can they deliver the desired results? The answers to these questions and ones like them will help to minimize the risk of costly recruitment, selection, placement, and promotion errors. 

Additionally, a detailed and analytical succession planning process provides a more robust assessment of a candidates’ readiness for promotion, and establishes a clear path for development, thus increasing the retention of top talent.

Steps to Identifying & Developing High-Potential Employees

The development of future leaders within your organization is vital to the success of your company.

Time and time again, we see businesses struggle to retain critical talent simply because they did not invest the time and effort into identifying and developing their high-potential employees. Download our free white paper to learn what makes an employee high-potential, and how to identify, develop, and retain these future leaders.

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Executive Outplacement

Executive outplacement should never feel impersonal.

However, many service providers in the industry offer their clients with a “one size fits all” approach. At Kinsley Sarn, we are proud to provide custom-designed, personalized career transition services that not only meet the executive’s specific needs, but also satisfy the requirements of our client.

Our Executives in Transition (EIT) provides a fresh, and highly successful, approach to employee outplacement that aids the candidate in a more seamless transition into a new company.

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What is Executives in Transition?

Executives in Transition is a proven process that helps accelerate a newly unemployed executive’s return to gainful employment.

Kinsley Sarn’s EIT program works to meet the specific needs of senior executives who may have never experienced unemployment before, and who are likely unsure how to navigate the challenges of the job market. With each executive outplacement, we work through a proven seven step strategic process that is focused on helping each executive find the right fit while also preparing them to handle their new role with great success.

The Kinsley Sarn Approach to Executive Outplacement

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Every outplacement program is customized to best meet the needs of each individual executive. All meetings are held in a one-on-one, confidential setting.

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Full Assessment

The executive’s needs are fully assessed through a proven process of in-depth interviews, validated psychometric profiling, and 360-degree feedback. Executives are coached to overcome the often debilitating feelings of anger, denial, despair, and resentment.

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Strategic Counsel

Strategic counseling helps executives regain their self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as provides them with the skills and tools they need to return to gainful employment.

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Search Strategy

Finally, a custom-designed and detailed job search strategy is developed. All executives receive continual support to ensure a smooth transition until their job search has been successfully concluded.

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