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By attaining a granular understanding of your culture and goals, we are able to deliver extraordinary talent that will not only elevate your results, but also impart a competitive advantage.

A Different Approach

As former executives, we understand how critical strategic hiring and selection decisions are to your success.

This is why only our principals execute each search and provide any additional support or service needed to secure exceptional talent. When you partner with Kinsley Sarn, you and your company will always be our priority.

Our process is based on an in-depth, comprehensive candidate assessment. Here, we work with each client to create a detailed evaluation tool based on critical success factors, competencies, and core experiences. We use this assessment to provide valuable insights on each potential candidate and their capabilities to inform and guide our client to a successful hire.

At Kinsley Sarn, we are completely client-driven, which is why after each successful placement, we provide assimilation and transition support, as well as guarantee each placement for 12 months. With over 280 successful placements, our executive search process places leaders who elevate your competitive position by solving business problems and delivering bottom-line results.

Our Step-By-Step Executive Search Process


Assessment & Analysis


The success of any executive search can usually be attributed to the effectiveness of this stage. We invest significant time researching and understanding all aspects of your values and culture, the needs and wants for the position, and the key traits of high potential employees within the company. This includes on-site visits, discussions with stakeholders, and interviews with key leaders to:

  • Understand the leadership, culture, strategy and general goals of the company.
  • Review of the position with specific attention to the required competencies and behaviors and the expected deliverables within the first 12 months.
  • Exploring what has enabled employee success — or failure — and the processes used to evaluate performance and develop high-potential employees.
  • Identifying both spoken and unspoken critical success factors required in the role.

Candidate Profile Design


With the information gathered in the first stage, we draft a candidate profile. This draft includes the:

  • Description of the company, environment, and organization.
  • Position objectives, responsibilities, and critical success factors.
  • Key experiences, competencies, and other critical qualifications.
  • Search strategy, including target candidates and organizations.
  • Target compensation range.
  • Estimated timetable to successfully complete the search; our executive search process takes 65 days on average.

The client then reviews and approves the draft profile to ensure alignment on the scope of the search, as well as verify the accuracy of the information being presented to our sources and potential candidates.


Candidate Targeting & Identification


Using the approved candidate profile, we are able to begin assessing and refining our targeted pipeline. Leveraging the most current research capabilities, latest technology, and a broad network, we leave no stone unturned in identifying exceptional talent.

After selecting three to five potential candidates, we hold an initial client meeting to ensure the right background and competencies are being targeted. This meeting is critical to either refine our research and sourcing, or move into the next stage.


Candidate Interview & Assessment


In stage four, the candidates that match the candidate profile enter our interview process. Interviews are made up of three parts: an in-depth performance history interview with detailed reference checks, a structured values and competency assessment, and the completion of a validated predictive behavior instrument. This enables us to confidently predict if the candidate is a potential fit for the client and the position. Once we have assembled a slate of well-qualified candidates, we review their profiles and background information with the client.

Throughout this process, we encourage our clients to maintain a consistent interview panel and to schedule interviews within a relatively narrow timeframe. In doing so, they are better equipped to compare candidate qualifications, strengths, and overall fit. Simultaneously, we work to keep the period between candidate identification and interview to a minimum, helping to maintain candidate interest and ensure consistency in approach as well as standards of evaluation for all presented candidates.

In addition to regular discussions and reporting, client review meetings are held every 30 days to certify that the candidates being presented are hitting the mark. These meetings offer an opportunity to fine-tune the process so that the client receives exactly what they want.


Offer & Placement


We assist our clients in the formal evaluation of the finalists, and in the selection of the individual best suited to the opportunity and culture. At our client’s discretion, our assistance can include but is not limited to offer development, candidate negotiation, and further background and reference checking. Finally, we communicate the successful completion of the search to our sources, references, and other candidates.


Transition Support


The final stage in our executive search process provides the selected candidate with the added support to make a highly effective transition into their new position and culture.

Our transition process consists of three parts: a Critical Success Profile, New Leader Assimilation Workshop, and an Executive Assessment. The Critical Success Profile (CSP) is created using the candidate profile as a foundational document. Here, we conduct additional interviews to prepare a CSP that provides the new leader with valuable information to accelerate their assimilation and integration.

Secondly, we facilitate a New Leader Assimilation Workshop. This assists the new hire’s transition into the organization and team, as well as aid them in developing a full understanding of the key deliverables and objectives expected of them. During this facilitated session, the new leader meets with their direct reports and other key stakeholders to discuss any questions and concerns they may have, as well as learn more about the challenges and opportunities facing the team.

The last step in the transition period is an Executive Assessment. After at least 90 days in the new position, we gather 360-degree feedback through verbal interviews with appropriate respondents. This assessment provides the leader with feedback on their progress as they assimilate to their new position and organizational culture. Not only does it detail what they are doing well, but also pinpoints the opportunities they have to improve their fit and positive impact in the organization.

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Why Partner With Us

Our people, processes, and exclusive arrangements enable us to provide an executive recruitment process that is differentiated from other boutique search firms, as well as national firms, who usually  compete on their candidate database.

With executive placement failure rates reaching 45 percent, merely competing on a database is no longer efficient or effective. While it is easy to default to a brand name, we believe that the value we provide is unparalleled in our industry. As our Partner, we will:

Invest the Time

Devote the time to understand your culture, short- and long-term objectives, and the key traits of your most successful leaders.

Candidate Profile

Develop a robust Candidate Profile that defines your ideal candidate and ensures the perfect fit.

Senior Partners

Execute the entire search process, owning the whole candidate and client processes, until perfect fit is hired.

Additional Support

At our client's discretion, we can provide offer development, delivery and negotiation, and further background and reference checking.

Transition Support

Includes a Critical Success Profile, New Leadership Assimilation Workshop, and a 360 Assessment during the first year.

Tailored Process

Treat your company like it is our own, starting with one point of contact who will provide a personalized executive search process tailored to you.

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