The HR Guide To Executive Outplacement

Executive Outplacement: A Service Offering to Support Your Hiring Initiatives

Navigating the uncertainty that comes with transitioning from one position to another is daunting, regardless of the person’s experience level. In some instances, it can be even more challenging for senior-level executives and managers to accept the reality of the situation they find themselves in. That is where executive outplacement programs and services can help. 

In this post, we will take a look at executive outplacement and the value it can add to your organization. In addition, we will take an in-depth look at our process at Kinsley Sarn when working with executives transitioning into new roles.

What is Executive Outplacement? 

Executive outplacement is a service that supports upper-level management and executives who have recently been let go as they search for a new position. Through career transition services, executives have access to career coaches and mentors who can provide expert guidance and know the best way to proceed effectively in the given situation. 

An executive outplacement service outside of your organization can provide a neutral, unbiased experience that can be extremely helpful to diffuse tension and navigate difficult emotions, as well as manage expectations in a positive way.

The Challenges

Unemployment is as much a personal mental battle as it is about their abilities. No matter what the reason for being let go is, rejection will likely have a negative psychological impact on the executive –– leaving them feeling confused, angry, stressed, and with little confidence in their abilities as a leader. In some cases, executives have been in their roles for such an extended period of time that they have forgotten what it’s like to be active on the job market looking for a new position. Fortunately, these challenges can be overcome with the support and guidance of trained career coaches during the executive outplacement process. 

The Value of Executive Outplacement Services

Investing in executive outplacement services will add long-term value to your organization. As a first step, offering these services shows how much you care about your employees. So, as your employees progress within the company, they will be able to appreciate the opportunities they have at their disposal. This is especially true if the time comes when they are in need of the assistance of trained professionals to handle their career situations. Furthermore, your commitment to your employee’s welfare will continue to positively develop your employer brand and how future employees and business partners perceive your organization. 

When professional services are offered, it gives your team a better chance of keeping the relationship civil and possibly having them return in the future if the opportunity presents itself. In some cases, executive outplacement services simplify the severance payments and legal fees, helping to reduce the direct costs associated with this change in management.  

Our Process, Explained 

At Kinsley Sarn, we believe that the only way to truly succeed in providing quality executive outplacement services is to custom-tailor each experience to the individual needs of the executive. That is why we created the Executives in Transition program, designed to move executives along our seven-step process in a way that builds their confidence and helps them discover what they want out of their next professional leadership role. 

1. Framing The Assignment 

First, we meet with the client to outline specific requirements, including assessment criteria, reporting and feedback protocols, confidentiality policies, and timelines. We then meet with the executive to discuss their specific needs and explain the process to them. Once both sides have been briefed and prepared on the process, we begin with the assessment phase. 

2. Evaluation and Assessment

Consisting of four parts: evaluation, an in-depth interview, predictive profile, and 360º feedback interviews. This complete assessment process provides a comprehensive understanding of the executive’s work history, experience, and training, along with the impacts of the transition, and their aspirations for the future.  


3. Feedback

Once we have feedback from the four assessments, we sit down with the executive to discuss the results. This includes our findings, recommendations, and priorities during the development phase. With this information, we can create a clear and customized plan for their exact needs.  

4. Coaching and Career Counseling 

Because many executives may have been detached from the job market for long periods of time, coaching and counseling help prepare them as they begin to search for a new position. By identifying areas of interest, outlining their goals, and improving their marketability.

5. Job Interviews 

In order to prepare the executives for the interview process, we guide them through the fundamentals of communication and conduct mock interviews all to strengthen their interviewing skills. By going through an extensive list of potential questions, our executives are well prepared for any job interview.  

6. Resume Preparation

As we prepare resumes for application, we look at different styles and formats to maximize results. We then sit down with the executive to develop an up-to-date resume, executive summary, and referral sources to strategically apply for their desired positions. 

7. Follow-up and Refinement 

Throughout the interview process, we provide feedback for their continual improvement until securing a new position. Once the new executive is starting in their new role, we provide transition support in order to help assimilate and succeed. 

Throughout this process, we focus on helping executives find the right fit in their new role, one that aligns with their new career goals and interests. As your partner, our team will prepare them to successfully deliver results in their new role. 

To learn more about our proprietary process and service offering, visit our Executive Outplacement page, here. 

We keep all of our meetings confidential to respect the privacy of our clients. One of the key benefits of our process is the assessment portion, where we perform in-depth interviews, validated psychometric profiling, and provide 360-degree feedback. Through this, we are able to understand the situation holistically and provide coaching to overcome the challenges that often accompany outplacement.  

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