Hiring a Top Talent CEO

When looking for a new CEO for your firm, you want only exceptional candidates that are a direct fit. The process of identifying, screening and developing a final list of those few special people can be extremely daunting. This where a partnership with The Kinsley Group adds significant value. One such example was our work with Elevate Ventures on an extensive national search to find their next CEO that would bring the critical business strategy, policy and management experience. We sourced experience from multiple industries, all the while keeping in mind that Elevate Ventures was looking for a leader who is passionate about strengthening Indiana’s economic vigor. “It’s crucial that we have an entrepreneur cut from the same cloth leading operations at Elevate – and that leader is Chris LaMothe” stated Victor Smith, Indiana Secretary of Commerce.

Kinsley Group would like to congratulate Elevate Ventures and the appointment of Chris LaMothe as their new Chief Executive Officer. Chris was formerly the President of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and Sherry Laboratories, one of the largest independent materials testing businesses in the United States.Kinsley Group’s search methodologies are designed to add real value for clients, enabling guaranteed client satisfaction. Professional credentials combined with senior executive experience distinguish Kinsley’s search practices led to its track record of success across a broad spectrum of positions and industries.

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