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While there are numerous executive search options, all too often we hear from leaders that they do not even consider retained search because they incorrectly believe a different approach will get the position filled more quickly and for less cost. They often seek to achieve a faster process and lower cost by putting it out with multiple contingency firms in the mistaken belief that the contingent firms will compete against each other and therefore accelerate the process.

The truth is, while a contingent firm’s primary goal is to find as many resumes as they can as quickly as possible, these resumes will not be adequately vetted as they view that as the client’s responsibility. In addition, the firm will only continue to send additional resumes if they believe the probability for placement is high enough to warrant the investment of their time. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, contingent firms will send those same resumes to other companies in the hope of being the first to present the resume in order to be the recruiter of record and therefore increase their likelihood of making a placement.

While a contingent firm’s process might seem faster, it comes at the expense of the client’s time in vetting the candidates and in trying to hire candidates who have already been secured by other clients of the firm. While the difference in fees between a contingent and a retained executive search might be 5-7%, this cost “advantage” is quickly erased by the costs of vetting, hiring errors and repeat search fees as contingent firms rarely offer any sort of meaningful performance guarantee.

A professional, deliberate and in-depth search process ensures that candidates presented by Kinsley Sarn meet or exceed our client’s specifications. By partnering with the hiring manager and understanding their wants and needs as well as any particulars about the position, we are able to develop a detailed executive search profile against which we assess all candidates during our in-depth interview.

The result is that our clients’ only see fully vetted candidates which lead to better hiring decisions and successful new hires. In addition, we include assimilation, assessment and integration support to help the successful candidate make a quick and successful transition to their new role, organization and culture. Finally, we guarantee our placements for one year. All of these differentiators provide you with the assurance that our process will result in a great hire for less total cost.

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