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One definition of INSANITY: “Continuing to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. With the industry’s average time to complete an executive search now exceeding six (6) months and with more than 45% of the industry’s executive placements failing in their new roles within two years, Kinsley|Sarn is delivering far better results for their clients at a lower cost by offering a fundamentally different approach.

Kinsley|Sarn leverages deep experience in executive assessment and assimilation to change the game. By preparing a thorough search profile, quickly identifying potential candidates and then assessing candidates for the best fit through in-depth behavioral and career performance interviews, the use of validated psychometric profiles, multiple reference verifications and background checks, Kinsley|Sarn only presents highly qualified candidates. This virtually eliminates the time wasted by clients in scheduling and interviewing candidates who may be “qualified” but are a poor “fit”. They add real value for their clients by getting it right the first time and then supporting the successful candidate with transition services to ensure they make a quick and effective move to their new role.

Clients have found that Kinsley|Sarn’s core competence in talent assessment and transition support adds real value and clearly differentiates them from other search providers. Dell Financial Services’ (DFS) recent experience is just one example.

DFS, a joint venture of Dell and CIT, needed a high potential candidate to fill the role of President and General Manager for their Commercial Segment. A full P&L leadership role, the VP/GM would have responsibility for one of the fastest growing segments of DFS and would work closely with Dell’s sales to meet the needs of their corporate, healthcare, government, and education accounts. After searching for the right candidate on their own for six months, DFS chose to get the assistance of a retained search firm.

Initially believing they needed a firm that specialized in the commercial leasing industry, DFS selected Kinsley|Sarn based on their track record, superior process and strong guarantee. They were impressed that the firm made a significant up-front investment in order to develop a highly accurate and comprehensive search profile and gain first-hand knowledge of DFS’ markets, plans and culture. According to Richard Smith, Vice President Human Resources, “Their willingness to come to Austin not only once but twice spoke volumes for the higher level of service they deliver, and enabled them operate on all cylinders in a very short period of time.” Smith further noted that the candidates presented were a strong match to the search profile and the detailed assessments shortened the search time by ensuring that our team only interviewed highly qualified, enthusiastic candidates. In addition to a shorter process, DFS reduced travel costs and employee interviewing time by eliminating the typical ‘screening’ interviews. “We were impressed with quality of the candidates we were seeing right from the start, delivered in about half the time of our experience with other search firms” Smith elaborated.

As a committed client of Kinsley|Sarn, Smith stated “I would absolutely use them again—their process made all the difference. They delivered on their promises.”

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