Kellie Sarn

Managing Partner

Kellie is Managing Partner and is responsible for strategically and operationally developing and deploying Kinsley Sarn’s marketing, brand strategy, and client experiences. She also leads the development of the communication plan that raises our awareness in the market and contributes to the company’s recognition as a value-added partner to current and future clients. To drive recognition and enhance our client relationships, she leverages various mediums to share her ideas and industry best practices.

Kellie’s energy, commitment, and ability to listen and deeply understand our clients’ challenges makes her a valuable resource on numerous projects. She works closely with the team to strategize ways to attract the best talent and create a positive and impactful presence in key environments. Kellie also helps carry out Kinsley Sarn’s vision by partnering with clients and team-members to go beyond tradition and expand our methods for the retention of great talent.

Previously employed at Purdue University, Kellie developed and rolled out their now thriving student retention program, Supplemental Instruction (SI). Prior, she was with eGenerosity, a technology start-up where she created the strategic marketing and communications program for Sunrise Assisted Living as an Executive Director. Her early career included roles with Andersen Consulting as a Marketing and Technology Trade Consultant, and NBC News as a News Desk Communications Specialist. She has her MS in Applied Behavioral Science from John Hopkins University and a BA in Communications from DePauw University.

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